Apareon's Documenter


Apareon's Documenter

The Project Documentation and Analysis Utility.

Now a developer can quickly and easily generate complete documentation for any project.  Simply enter the project into Apareon's Documenter; and with a push of a button, your project is completely documented and ready to print a complete report.

But that is only a very small part of what Apareon's Documenter can do.
Interactive Tree View allows you to traverse all project routines and modules.  You can "Drill-Down" into a routine and see where it is called from, what it calls, all of the variable it uses and their type, and so much more.

You can easily perform a Cross-Project search to search all analyzed projects for any routine, class, API call, variables, etc.

You can quickly search the Source Code for any text and review the results in a printable list, save it as a text file or even open the file in your editor. 

You know you wrote a routine to solve a problem, but you can't
     remember which project it was in.

     Using Apareon's Documenter, you can quickly locate all references
     to that routine and where the source code for that routine is. 
     The problem is solved quickly and easily.

With Apareon's Documenter you can not only "Drill Down", but you can "Drill Up."  By following the "Called From" lists, you can easily see the various ways a routine is accessed. 

Some of the Interactive Tree View Reports are:
  • File
  • Module or Routine
  • Variables
    • All Variables
    • Static Variables
    • Local Variables
    • Public Variables
    • Private Variables
    • Parameters
    • Fields
    • Instance Variables
    • Class Variables
    • Undeclared Variables
  • Class
  • API Calls
  • Orphaned Routines
There is so much more to Apareon's Documenter than simply creating a Project Documentation Report.

No longer is documenting source code a problem.

Documentation has inherently been the last task on a programmer's list.
Unfortunately, the next project is waiting and source code documentation
is left for another day.

Lets face it. documenting source code is not glamorous. It isn't fun and exciting. 

Documenting is tedious and time consuming, yet most companies demand it (or would if they knew it wasn't being done).

One of the major problems of documentation is that once the application is modified or updated, the documentation is stale and out of date.  It must be regenerated every time the application is updated.

The Solution:
Now with Apareon's Documenter, the problem can be solved in a matter of seconds.

Combining the functionality included in some programming editors and IDEs with developer specific solutions such as call stack analysis, variable searches, class hierarchy, etc., and allowing you to do these tasks across all of your projects at one time, Apareon's Documenter will soon be an invaluable addition to any programmer's toolbox.
With Apareon's Documenter there are so many ways it can help save the developer time and effort they cannot all be listed here.  The best way to see how much you can benefit from Apareon's Documenter is to try it.

To download a demo, click here.


Report Samples:

Basic Application Example
HTTP Service
MDI Demo Application
RTF Editor Example




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