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Simple Text Editor by Apareon


Simple Text Editor by Apareon

Simple Text Editor is just that. A text file editor that does not put in any markup or control characters.  Simply, What You Type is What You Save.

You can create, modify and edit any text based file on your computer such as Text, HTML, CSS, Log, etc.

Created from the need to remove Microsoft control characters from plain HTML files.

When a coworker had created an HTML file with a Microsoft Web Editor. It placed three characters in the beginning of the file that were being Displayed when viewing the page in the Web Browser.

I tried to use Notepad.exe to remove them, but Notepad did not display the characters. When the file was saved, those three characters were back in the file.

I had to use my programming editor to remove those characters.

Now when the coworker had the same issue again, the file was brought to me and I had to remove them.

Solution? Create a simple text editor that would display all of the content of the file and save only the content being shown.

No more hidden markup or control characters that would be a surprise later.

Simple Text Editor by Apareon is being offered as a No Charge utility for anyone to use.

To download Simple Text Editor by Apareon, click here.


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